Frequently Asked Questions

Food & Drink

1.) What is the difference between Chow Mein and Lo Mein?
Our Chow Mein has crunchy, fried noodles served on the side of shredded vegetables while our Lo Mein has soft boiled noodles that are mixed in with other ingredients.

2.) Do you serve scorpion bowls?
No. While we do serve beer and wine, we do not serve hard liquor.

3.) Can you change the level of spice in your dishes?
Absolutely! We can alter the spices according to your taste, from mild to extremely hot.

4.) Do you have chop suey/chicken teriyaki/bourbon, orange, or sesame chicken?
No, we do not. The dishes that appear on our menu are what we have available. Please ask your server if you’d like to try a dish that is similar or you’d like to include a take-out menu in your order.

5.) What substitutions can I make on a dinner special?
Appetizer substitutions cost $1.00/substitution (unless otherwise noted) and are limited to Egg Rolls, Fried Chicken Wings, Gold Fingers (007), Boneless Spare Ribs. Teriyaki and Fried Shrimp cost $1.75/piece. You may substitute a different type of fried rice for a $2.00 charge, or white rice at no charge. You may also substitute extra fried rice in place of an appetizer at no charge. Unfortunately, we cannot substitute noodles for rice or vice versa in any dish.

6.) What substitutions can I make on a Pupu Platter or Tidbit?
Substitutions on a Pupu Platter or Tidbit cost $1.00/substitution and are limited to Egg Rolls, Fried Chicken Wings, Gold Fingers (007), Boneless Spare Ribs, Fried Shrimp. Unfortunately, we cannot substitute Teriyaki, Hot Wings, Crab Rangoon, or fried rice on our Pupu Platters or Tidbits. *Please note: our appetizers do not come with rice.*

7.) Can I substitute fried rice in place of the white rice that comes with an entrée?
No, unfortunately, we cannot substitute fried rice in place of white rice. If you would like fried rice with your order, we suggest adding it separately on the side.

8.) Do you use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)?
Yes, but upon request, we can prepare most of our dishes without it. For more information on what dishes can be prepared without MSG, please read below.

9.) I have a specific food allergy. Can I still order from your menu?
Absolutely! Please be sure to inform your server if you have a food allergy and ask them what foods we can alter to suit your needs. For your reference, here is a list of our dishes that contain the most common food allergens:

(1) NUTS – Kung Po Chicken, Kung Po Shrimp, Kung Po Beef, Cashew Chicken, Shrimp with Cashews

(2) SOY – Most of our dishes are prepared using soy sauce or our basic brown sauce, which contains soy sauce as a main ingredient. Please ask that your food be prepared in our basic white sauce if you would like to avoid soy.

(3) MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) – Almost every dish we prepare includes MSG, but can be excluded upon request. The only dishes that we cannot remove MSG from are: Egg Rolls, Dumplings, Crab Rangoon, and our noodle-based soups (Dumpling, Wonton, Chicken Noodle).

(4) GLUTEN – Because gluten is found in soy sauce, most of our dishes contain it. However, we have gluten-free soy sauce available upon request. Also, any dish that requires our basic brown sauce can be prepared in our basic white sauce to avoid gluten/soy.
The following is a list of foods that do not originally contain gluten:

1.) Boneless Spare Ribs
2.) Egg Drop Soup, Chinese Vegetable Soup, Chicken Rice Soup
3.) Moo Goo Gai Pan
4.) All Chow Mein Dishes
5.) All Egg Foo Young dishes (EXCLUDING Egg Foo Young Gravy)
6.) White Rice

(5) SEAFOOD – Items with an asterisk (*) can be prepared without seafood if requested:
Crab Rangoon                                  West Lake Chicken*                          Shrimp Lo Mein
Fried Shrimp                                    Chef’s Pan Fried Noodles*                 House Lo Mein*
Shrimp Egg Foo Young                      Hawaii 4-0*                                     Shrimp Fried Rice
Sweet & Sour Shrimp                        Shrimp Chow Mein                           House Fried Rice*
Shrimp with String Beans                  Four Seasons*                                 Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Shrimp with Cashews

10.) What kind of tea do you serve and does it have caffeine?
We serve oolong tea and yes, it does have caffeine. Please inform your server if you’d like decaffeinated tea or coffee.

11.) Are your vegetable dishes vegan-friendly?
No. Although our vegetable dishes contain no meat, they are prepared in our basic brown sauce, which uses chicken stock as a primary ingredient. If you would like a vegan-friendly vegetarian dish, please ask that your food be prepared using our basic white sauce.


Take-Out & Delivery

1.) Where and when do you deliver?
We deliver to Adams, Cheshire, and North Adams Monday through Sunday, starting at 4 pm.

2.) Do you charge extra for delivery?
Yes, our delivery charges are as follows: Adams – $1.50, Cheshire – $2.50, North Adams – $3.50. *Please note: these charges are not considered tips for the drivers, but go toward their fuel expenses, as we do not own company cars.*

3.) Do you have a minimum for delivery?
Yes, our minimum is $10.00 per delivery order. If you have trouble making the minimum amount required to order, ask your server for low-cost additions or check out our extras menu here.

4.) Can I use my credit/debit card to pay for orders placed over the phone?
Absolutely! Please inform your server if you will be paying with a credit or debit card and they will take the information necessary to complete your order.

5.) If using a credit/debit card, how do I tip the delivery driver?
Because all credit/debit card orders require ink signatures, your order will be brought to you with a matching credit/debit slip that includes a space for you to sign your name and leave a tip.

6.) Which is faster: pick up or delivery?
It is always faster to have food picked up rather than delivered, because we don’t have to do the driving! ☺


7.) What are your hours?
We are open 7 days/week, 360 days/year!

Monday – Thursday: 11 am to 9 pm
Friday – Saturday: 11 am to 10 pm
Sunday: 12 noon to 9 pm
*Please note that our dining room closes 30 minutes before the kitchen.*

8.) Can you fax your menu to my business?
Absolutely! Faxed menus are available upon request.

9.) Do you include a gratuity for large parties?
Yes, an 18% gratuity is added for parties of 6 or more. *Please note: our dining area cannot accommodate parties of more than 12, and advance notice is appreciated for parties of 6 or more.*